About Caneast Shows

The management team of Caneast Shows Inc. has been producing high-end consumer shows in the Ottawa area for more than 25 years, serving the Eastern Ontario and Western Québec regions.

Our team has more than 100 years of combined trade and consumer show experience and is bilingual, efficient, and knowledgeable in all areas of show management. Exhibiting companies greatly benefit not only by exhibiting and selling their products and services in our shows but also by getting that personal service rarely found in other consumer show companies.

Meet the Team

Sales Director
Paul Le Guerrier
Tel: 613.236.0888
Toll free: 1.866.999.0507

Managing Partner
Ian Forsyth
Tel: 613.241.7775 Ext. 203 
Toll free: 1.866.999.0510

General Manager
Patricia O’Donnell
Tel: 613.241.7775 Ext. 202
Toll free: 1.866.999.0150

Office Administrator    
Dorothy Forsyth   
Tel: 613.241.7775  Ext. 200    
Toll free: 1 866 999 0150    
Fax: 613.241.9970

Marketing Specialist    
Janna Glenn  
Tel: 613.220.9874          
Fax: 613.241.9970

Marketing Specialist    
Jo Riding
Tel: 613.276.1762          
Fax: 613.241.9970

Refund Policy:

We do not issue refunds for ticket sales purchases. However, if you are experiencing difficulties with your online ticket purchase, please contact us at 613-241-7775, and we will be happy to assist you.